Consumer Products Inspection

We carried out various inspection services for the textiles, yarn, fabric, garments, footwear, leather, ceramics and other consumer products at the suppliers' premises to verify quality, quantity, workmanship, packing, conform to specifications provided by the buyer.

Inspection program consists of the following :
-  SA 8000 (Social Accountability Audit)
-  Factory Audit / Evaluation
-  PPC – Pre production check
-  IPC – Initial production check
-  DUPRO – During production check
-  FRI – Final Random Inspection& / or PSI – Pre-Shipment Inspection
-  LS – Loading Supervision (Cargo, Container & Vessel)

Inspection Standard :
ANSI / ASQC Z1.4 – 2003 (ISO-2859-1) / US MIL-STD-105E

Sampling Plan & Size :
Single sampling plan for normal inspection, level II (unless otherwise instructed)

Random Sampling :
 Approved sample / swatch, order specification to be submitted beforehand.
 Sample to be chosen at random by us and must not be guided either by the supplier or by ease of access to the      cartons.
 We & our inspector(s) is completely independent in their activities and not accept any favor or gift from the supplier.

Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) :
Critical defects – AQL : 0.0
Major defects – AQL : 2.5
Minor defects – AQL : 4.0

Sampling and Analysis :
If asked for, we will draw samples & seal during inspection for dispatch to clients &/or any laboratory for analysis.

Re-Inspection :
If the results of the inspection are not satisfactory, the buyer may request for second inspection. Only the 1st inspection fee is payable by the buyer. The following once concerning the same goods will be invoiced directly by us to the supplier unless otherwise instructed.

Loading Supervision (LS) :
Ensure that the products previously inspected are indeed those which are to be shipped and that they are shipped under satisfactory conditions (Container, cargo & vessel).

Issuance of Inspection Certificate :
-  After completion of mandated inspection, we issue I/C (Inspection Certificate)
-  If we don’t have all the elements from the supplier, enabling it to issue the I/C- the facts duly convey to the buyer for     decision without further delay.
-  Distribution of I/C – As per guidelines of the buyer.

Inspection Procedure :
According to ANSI, US MIL-STD-105E, SAI, IFIA, IICL, ISO and/or clients specific guidelines.

Service Cost Structure :
Our Man-day price depends on clients volume of order and scope of services. Rate to be quoted as and when asked for.

Worldwide operations :
In association with multinational service provider, we are able to provide above services – worldwide.

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