Worldwide Typical operations are:
 Pre-Shipment Inspections.
 Technical Inspections.
 Qualitative and quantitative inspection of materials and machinery.
 Control on packing and shipping marks.
 Shop & site inspection.
 Attendance at manufacturing and quality control operations.
 Technical advice and consultation.
 Erection supervision during the construction process.
 Visual Inspection of machinery, materials.
 Independent Inspection at purchase.
 Vendor Audit Assessment / Evaluation.
 Quality Assurance Services.
 Sampling, Laboratory Analysis & test.

BCBD offers inspection services for various industries like:
 Energy and mineral resources.
 Crude oil production and refining.
 Chemical and petrochemical.
 Telecommunication and information technology.
 Power generation, transmission and distribution systems.
 Wood, pulp and papers.
 Furniture, Textile and leather.

Inspection Method
Inspection carried out as per industry standards such as ISO, ASTM, ASQ, IEEE, IEC, QAA &/or clients specific guidelines.


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