Typical operations are :

 Pre-shipment & Post-landing Inspection of frozen cargo
 Inspection of Refrigerated Container
 Inspection of Loading/Unloading Process
 Inspection of Processing Plant
 Physical & chemical test
 Water analysis
 Microbiological analysis
 Project appraisal
 Pre-trip Inspection

Type of Container :


Typical of Cargo :


Place of Inspection

 At packers premises
 At container yard / port

BCBD provides the services regularly in different countries with an alliance with J B BODA Group based in Mumbai, India who enjoys solid reputation in the Insurance & Inspection industry today.

Inspection Procedure

 Fish & fishery products hazards and control guide of USFDA / CAC
 HACCP verification procedure published by FAO/UN
 EU directive on HACCP &/or clients specific guidelines

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