We have over 42 Years of comprehensive experience in inspection, quality control and quality assurance. Our commitment to providing clients with the highest quality services.
Engaging qualified staff to perform inspection with utmost care, skill, speed, error free, in an independent, impartial manner and in compliance with professional, national, international standards.
We work to the highest professional standards with total integrity and maintaining a consistent level of ethical work, codes and practices.
As far as quality control & quality assurance is concerned, whenever appropriate and flexible – BCBD apply the principles of ISO-9001:2015
Expanding company’s human resources, enhancing our professional skills, training and motivation of our staff members.
We define quality as the result of all activities of the company, being planned, deployed and controlled to effectively and efficiently meet or exceed requirements defined by our clients.
All reports / certificates and information are kept confidential to avoid conflict of interest.
We recognize the facts – confidence is fundamental between the inspectors and their clients. We have a quality assurance and culture that makes us outstanding.
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