BCBD’s specialist knowledge within the property industry ensures that accurate, independent and impartial valuation and asset management advice is provided at all times. It would be difficult to name an industry that we have not served, an asset category we have not appraised, nor a valuation service we have not provided. Our services are used by major Banks and financial institutions, Multinational companies and the accountancy firms. We do valuation of property (Land, building, Machinery & equipment, Vehicles, Vessels) for

  Lease and Mortgage of Property
 Insurance underwriting
 Tax, Financial Reporting, Accounting and Compliance Requirements
 Merger and acquisition
 Disposal or refinancing
 Arbitration / Dispute Litigation
 Immigration/tourist/Student visa purpose
 Arbitration / Negotiation services
 Sale & lease back
 Rental/Lease assessments and determinations
 Fairness opinion on existing valuation.


 Fundamentals of Valuation
 Approaches / Methods of Valuation
 Valuation Procedure
 Environmental factors in Valuation
 Depreciation and obsolescence
 Financial ratios for business Valuation
 Sources of obtaining price index of numbers of machinery manufactured in various Countries
 Technical specification of machinery used in engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, leather,     garments, printing & packaging, food etc.


Ethics, standard, professional practice, method and procedures are according to IVS, RICS-UK and Appraisal Institute-USA &/or clients specific guidelines.

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